About Us

This is a free coloring pages website mostly for younger children but I guess it could be fun for kids of all ages.  As a resource intended for kids, I am careful to inspect and monitor all of the content that fills the site.  I have also taken steps to voluntarily rate the sites content with several external organizations including ICRA, SafeSurf, and others. Although I make every effort to ensure that sites linked too do not contain inappropriate material for children, I could always use your help in keeping it that way.  If you come across any questionable material on sites that you navigated too from here please alert me so that the path can be removed.  In my opinion, it will require a concerted community effort to effectively shield kids from the disturbing things that are all too prevalent in the online world.  I appreciate your assistance in creating a safe and useful resource for teachers, parents and especially kids! :)

The most fun your kid can have through coloring pages